"A Launch Lady's Journey" :: MONTH 2

Shawna Brea

Hi ladies! 

Can you believe it's already March?

Time....it's a funny thing, isn't it?

One week it can fly by...and yet another week, it seems to slow down.

Especially when you're starting a business on the side. 

Not only is most of your time filled with a day job and the usual weekly obligations, but then all of sudden one week life hits you with a big personal issue. 

It can get extremely hard to fit in time for building your new business. 

That's exactly what Chasiti and I talked about when reflecting on the second month of her entrepreneurial journey. 

If you missed the recap of Month 1, be sure to check that out HERE.


My motivation for when I’m not motivated 😩💙

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She had scheduled multiple projects to keep herself on track, she had booked meetings and wrote everything down in her planner ...

But even with all that planning ... a personal issue arose which halted her plans. 

And you know what, that's OK. Things in life happen that are outside of our control and sometimes it's going to affect the progress we make on our business. 

Yet, as long as we've determined HOW to handle these roadblocks, we can get right back on track!

I talk about my 3 tricks for jumpstarting your progress in this short video.

If you've recently dealt with a personal issue or other obstacle that has made it difficult to work on your new business, try these 3 simple tricks to get your progress back on track. (Only when you are ready, of course.)

1. Put a deadline on every task. 

If and when you miss a deadline, put a NEW deadline. (Otherwise, if the deadline passes, all of a sudden it's like you're off the hook.) Don't let that happen. Hold yourself to a new deadline. Do whatever it takes to tackle the task by that date. Make it a game with yourself. Conditioning your mind to be self-disciplined is one of the best gifts you'll give yourself as a business owner. 

2. Share your list of tasks with someone.

When you tell another person about what you are planning to accomplish, you hold yourself WAY more accountable to actually do it. It's funny, but true, right? So next time you want to make HUGE progress in one week, email your list of tasks to someone. Watch your week unfold a little differently. You will prioritize things in  new frame of mind and it will make a big impact on your progress.

3. Block out time in your calendar.

Many times we are so busy that we don't schedule time to work on our new business, we just "fit it in" when we can. Days can turn into weeks which can turn into months without much progress. The truth is, you need to block out time in your calendar. Whether that means a dinner alone for a few hours, or even a coffee date with yourself on a Saturday. Get a babysitter or line up friends to help if you need to. It's this type of time commitment that is going to make all the difference. It's tough, yes. But that is what's required for starting a new business. Get in this habit early, and you will go far. 

Don't forget to use your planner to keep track of tasks, deadlines and scheduling out blocks of time to work on your business. 

You can do this!


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Life will continue to throw us unfortunate circumstances and personal obstacles, but now you can put a plan in place to catch up on your progress. You will feel so much more prepared (and way less emotional) to tackle anything that comes up.

Start practicing these methods even before the next personal hurdle. 

You will love the amount of progress you'll make. Trust me!

Reach out with any thoughts or struggles on the topic. 

We're here to support and celebrate you. Always.



PS: Please share where YOU are at in your launch process in the comments below! We'd love to support you on your own journey.

PPS: Follow Chaz on IG @dreamsofchaz and YouTube to see more inside scoop on her using The Launch Planner to start her new business. 

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