"A Launch Lady's Journey" :: MONTH 1

Shawna Brea

Hello fellow launch ladies!

Welcome to the start of "A Launch Lady's Journey," a blog solely dedicated to following a female entrepreneur on her path to launching a new business. 

Like many of you just starting out, Chasiti Gaines wanted to focus 2018 on officially launching her ad agency. Yet, she was struggling with what to focus on and where to spend her time.  

Knowing that so many others were facing the same challenges, we decided to partner with Chasiti so she could graciously share her story of building a business step-by-step using The Launch Planner. 

By following the 6-stage launch process, Chasiti began to tackle the first 5 tasks in the IDEA stage throughout the month of January. This allowed her to gain focus on the "big picture" and lay down some important foundational elements to her new business, like defining her WHY and determining her personal strengths. 

The exciting part came when she was able to add the tasks into her Monthly Planning pages as part of her launch planner. By using the provided templates, she could outline her key focus and connections to be made for the first month. 

Just this week, Chasiti and I jumped on a quick video chat to reflect on her first month. She shares incredibly valuable insights into the clarity she gained and a new way of thinking about her business. 

We both hope you truly enjoy this new blog series! 

May this empower you to keep fighting for your business goals and stay committed to taking action. Believing in yourself is half the battle.

Stay tuned for our next recap at the end of February!

   xo, Shawna.

PS: Please share where YOU are at in your launch process in the comments below! We'd love to support you on your own journey.

PPS: Follow Chaz on IG @dreamsofchaz and YouTube to get access to a special video she did all about Month 1 using The Launch Planner.


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