How to Decide Your Business Name in 8 Steps

How to Decide Your Business Name in 8 Steps

Shawna Brea

What’s in a Name? How to Decide What Your Business Should be Called

You have an idea for an amazing business – you have so many ideas for what you want to sell, who would be excited about your product or service, and all the problems that will be solved now that you’re going into business for yourself.

There’s only one BIG problem: What will you name it?

Until you have a name for your business, you can’t secure a domain for your website, figure out your logo, or set up social media accounts – your business can’t even formally exist until you name it.

Just like naming a child or a pet, naming your business will have major significance – it’s a name you won’t want to change, which people will be saying and reacting to for years, and which will essentially set your business in motion.

Apple wouldn’t be able to exercise such minimalism in their branding if they were called XYZ 123 Super Complex Computer Company. It just wouldn’t have the pizzazz. McDonald’s may not have the golden arches if their name didn’t start with an M.

Think about how quickly Coca Cola was shortened to Coke because their original brand name was just too long. Your business’s name will be your first impression to other businesses, consumers, and the general public so it HAS to be good, and it should reflect who you are right away.


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