Do I Have What It Takes to Start My Own Business?

Do I Have What It Takes to Start My Own Business?

It’s called "Impostor Syndrome."

We don’t feel welcome to have the success or positive experience of others. We don’t feel welcome to be doing what we are doing, or what we want to do, because there’s something different about us – we’re younger, older, newer, more X, and less Y than those other people who are surely better than we are.

You might feel like an impostor as you consider starting a business or as you’ve just taken the leap toward entrepreneurship but you are actually right where you belong. Entrepreneurs come from all types of lifestyles, have all different sorts of ideas about business, and vary in their expertise.

Your skills, interests, and background are welcome in the business sphere, too. There’s something special about you that the world needs and this is your moment to prove – not to them, but to yourself – that your ideas and your hard work are valuable.


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