You're smart. And educated.

And you're damn good at what you do. But being a CEO? That's a whole different ballgame.

Stepping into this role as a creative entrepreneur can be intimidating and overwhelming. You may push off the activities you don't want to face, like getting a grip on your finances or figuring out how fire a bad client. 

Beyond that, mapping out your business in a traditional planner hasn't always worked out for many of us in the past. 

Truthfully? I've never been a typical "planner person." 

But ... I've always gotten a TON done in a short amount of time. It's one important thing I learned while getting my MBA in Entrepreneurship. Time will be your greatest asset in business ownership, if you use it wisely.

I treat every hour of every week as a precious commodity. Yet planning out all the little details of each day is SO not my thing.

For me, it's about finding a method to the madness that comes with running your own business. The million hats, the endless tasks. The constant feeling like there is never enough time.

At the end of the day, it's about becoming the boss of your business. You can either run it, or it will run you.

Stepping into your CEO-self means mastering your mind. That's what our planners are all about. They are designed to keep you focused on what matters. They are here to snap you into the CEO mindset so you can launch more priorities that make you progress and profit.

Because the truth is, we can get so caught up in the day-to-day obligations of our business, that we tend to forget about what's going to actually move the needle. Days can turn into weeks which turn into months without making much headway.
This is called working IN the business, not ON the business.

Let's flip the switch. Let's transform the traditional planner into a tool to guide us as creative CEOs. Let's put everything we learn into action. Let's hold ourselves accountable. Let's be more organized and better prioritize our time. Let's figure out exactly what we need to focus on each week. Let's leverage the right tools to keep us on track.

That's what The Launch Planner is here to do.


Shawna Brea, MBA



Shawna started her entrepreneurial journey as a dedicated 11-year-old who used her collection of ink stamps to create a portfolio of personalized greeting cards that she sold door-to-door around the neighborhood. (That was in Fargo, ND.)

While working on big brands like Bellagio, MGM Grand, Caribou and Purina after college, she fell in love with graphic design, branding and most importantly, productivity. Getting a LOT done in a short amount of time was paramount to managing a million client projects at once.

Now with an MBA in Entrepreneurship and over six years running her own marketing agency, The Start Studio, Shawna combined her experience and education to create a first-of-its-kind planner for female entrepreneurs. THE LAUNCH PLANNER's signature "Biz Building Bundle" is the perfect blend of productivity practices and biz planning, making it easier than ever to step into the CEO role with confidence.