Hi ladies!

We are so glad you stopped by. We get what you're going through. Trying to plan a business on the side of other priorities like a day job, raising kids, volunteering, planning get togethers, traveling ... it can be hard to find the time to make progress on your ideas. 

Days can turn into weeks which turn into months without making much headway. That's why we, as entrepreneurs, need to be organized and better prioritize our time. That's why we need to know exactly what to focus on each week. That's why we need the right planning tools to keep us on track. 

That's why we created The Launch Planner!


In a world where women are dominating the entrepreneurial space it became important for us to support these efforts. 

Launching a new business is scary and overwhelming. There can be a lot of costly trial-and-error for aspiring entrepreneurs trying to figure out where to spend their time and money. 

>>After speaking with women around the country, many of them felt stuck in their tracks.<<

There needed to be a better way to break down the process of starting a new business into digestible stages and tasks that could be easily mapped out within a calendar.  

The Launch Planner™ 2018 yearly planner was born out of a genuine desire to guide ladies down a startup path, by showing them how to take suggested tasks and plan them out for the months ahead. And when they set a launch date, they are more committed to accomplishing the milestones in between.

Planning is a proven productivity tactic for achieving goals and when combined with our proprietary 6-stage launch process, women can swiftly start their own business with success. 


Shawna Brea started her entrepreneurial journey as a resourceful 11-year-old who used her collection of ink stamps to create a portfolio of personalized greeting cards that she sold door-to-door around the neighborhood. (That was back in the 80s in Fargo, ND of course.)

Her road to success since then included many tough lessons, cry sessions, and beautiful blessings. Her first business never took off, but she was determined to learn everything she could on running a company and earned her MBA in Entrepreneurship in 2010.

After successfully growing her own marketing agency, The Start Studio, over the course of five years, Shawna returned to her passion of reaching  women on a more intimate level. By combining her experience and education she created the first-of-its-kind planner for female entrepreneurs.

Her commitment to support and celebrate ladies who launch forms the foundation for all that we do.