Yay! I'm Shawna, and I'm so so glad you're here.

So I know we're just meeting for the first time, and I don't know much about you yet. But if I had to guess it's that you're driven and ambitious and you're launching a business because you have a burning desire to do something MORE. And yet, even with a lot of drive... starting a new business is HARD. Especially on your own and funding it all yourself.

How do you know what to spend your money on? How do you know what step to take next? How do you piece it all together? How do you make the time to get everything done?

All of these questions can leave you stuck in your tracks. I know from experience, so trust me when I say that I get it. 

This whole entrepreneurial thing is NOT EASY....and I'm guessing that not many people in your world can necessarily relate. (Another thing I know from experience.)

On top of that, jotting everything down in a journal (or worse, blank paper!) can only get you so far. It ends up leaving you disorganized and disheartened about your progress. 
That's why having a plan of action (in paper format) can keep your business front and center. That's why following a guide can give you the BOOST to finally get your business off the ground.  When I started my entrepreneurial journey back in 2007, internet marketing was barely a thing, there weren't gobs of online courses to take, and business coaches were rare to be found. Honestly, I had NO idea what I was doing, and ended up wasting a ton of time and money on the wrong things.>After that first business never took off, I made it my mission to map out a path to success. So I combined my MBA education and my experience building a 6-figure marketing agency, and created a process that makes starting a new business much smarter, easier and faster.

Because one of the hardest things we face as entrepreneurs is our relationship with TIME. As you know...days turn into weeks which turn into months without making much headway on your business.

I want to simplify your journey. I want to minimize your mistakes. I want to speed up your progress. I want to support your mission. I want to champion your success.  I want to PRIORITIZE YOUR PASSION!

That's what The Launch Planner is here to do. Let me show you how I use it!

Shawna Brea, MBA



  • I grew up in Fargo, ND
  • My career started working at large agencies with big brands like MGM, Bellagio & Purina
  • I have an MBA in Entrepreneurship
  • My first business never took off
  • I've started and scaled multiple companies over the last 10 years since
  • I'm a mom of two little boys, both still in diapers 🤪
  • I grew a 6-figure marketing agency from the ground up (and still run it today)
  • I launched this very company in just 3 months, using the process found in our planners
  • I'm super super passionate about working with female entrepreneurs, and it's the entire reason I started this company!